Payments will continue until the contract is cancelled (see clause “How to cancel”)

I have read and understood this document including the terms and conditions set out on the second page, and understand that this is a legally binding document. All the details that I have given you are correct. I understand that if I do not give you the information you may source it from the Ministry of Health National Health Index database. I acknowledge that you will use my personal information for administration, credit, and for contacting other health professionals involved with prescribing and delivering my medications and other health needs as they arise.

I have the right to see my personal information and to ask for it to be corrected. I understand that I have 5 working days to cancel this agreement after today’s date.

Total payment: $120 Annual or
$180 over 12 equal monthly instalments.

Payment Frequency: Annual /Monthly

Your services and costs covered to you as a My Pharmacy Member by participating pharmacies:

Palm Beach Ventures Ltd trading as My Pharmacy Payments will manage all associated costs from participating pharmacies to cover all $5 government prescription co-payments from participating My Pharmacy membership stores.

It does not cover additional costs for prescription items which are partially subsidised by the relevant District Health Board or non-subsidised prescription items.

Palm Beach Ventures Ltd trading as My Pharmacy Payments will manage all associated costs from participating pharmacies to cover the following pharmacy services:

  • Medicine Compliance packaging such as medicine rolls or medico packs
  • Deliveries within the defined delivery area for each participating pharmacy
  • Influenza vaccination for a maximum of two adults, for the avoidance of doubt any further influenza vaccination for further family members will be at the cost of $25 per person. Influenza vaccinations could be limited in supply, Palm Beach Ventures Ltd in no way guarantees access to an influenza vaccination. Members will have priority access to influenza vaccinations from participating pharmacies.
  • One annual medicine review with your preferred pharmacist from one of our participating pharmacies for each family member.
  • Invitation to each family member to exclusive member only education events.
  • My Health & Nutrition vitamin and supply service (from My Pharmacy Papamoa Plaza only For the avoidance of doubt you will still be liable for the cost of each supplement selected under this service. However professional packing of these products is covered by My Pharmacy Payments.


You agree to pay all the payments as shown on the front page. During the initial (minimum) period membership you cannot cancel your membership except as set out in these Terms and Conditions. After the initial period, payments will continue until you advise us of your cancellation of this agreement (see “How to Cancel” below). You must continue paying even if you do not access any of the services from participating pharmacies.It is your responsibility to make sure there are sufficient funds in your account.

Payments are guaranteed not to increase during the initial period unless required by law. After the initial period the rate may be increased by My Pharmacy Payments giving you at least 30 days’ notice in writing which may be by email. If you do not wish to accept that increase you may cancel your membership but must do so before the first payment at the new rate. When payment(s) are missed, the transaction will continue to be presented until the payment is made. All costs associated with recovery of any missed payments will be added to any amounts due. This includes a $20 administration charge applied at the discretion of My Pharmacy Payments, and all reasonable collection agency costs.

My Pharmacy Membership rules and procedures:

You must comply with My Pharmacy membership rules and procedures at all times while accessing services from participating pharmacies. These rules and procedures are designed to allow all members to get maximum benefit from their membership and may change from time to time. Copies are available at participating pharmacies and online. You must not carry out any illegal acts on participating pharmacy premises and you must comply with our health and safety requirements. You must respect staff, other customers and other members, and you must not take photographs in participating pharmacies without our permission and the permission of every person in the photograph.

Termination by us:

We may terminate your membership immediately if you carry out any activity which is illegal, offensive, dangerous to other people or to you, if you act in serious breach of the membership rules, or if at any time one or more payments are overdue. If we terminate because of your actions, we will not be liable to you in any way.


You may cancel your membership by informing a participating My Pharmacy Membership Pharmacy in writing which may be by email. Confirmation letters/emails will be sent within seven days of receiving a cancellation request. Cancellation will take effect from your next membership renewal date that is more than 7 working days after we receive your request.


We may make changes to this membership agreement from time to time. We will give you one month’s notice of any changes using email. Where we reasonably believe that a change will be detrimental to you (unless it is required by law) we will offer you the right to cancel the contract.

You may have other rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act or other consumer law.